Myndar launches MedCarrie to expedite drug delivery for COVID patients

2022-03-31 | News

The recent hyped-up pandemic situations have put those in the elderly community with existing health problems who are in constant need of long-term medication in major distress. They are at a higher risk when accessing public hospitals and are often required to wait for hours for their prescribed drugs in the current severely understaffed healthcare environment.


To close this gap for the elderly in accessing drugs, Myndar launched MedCarrie – a door-to-door home drug-delivery service that encompasses IoT technology to keep environmentally sensitive drugs under specified Controlled Room Temperatures (CRT). MedCarrie also provides real-time temperature and location monitoring of all drugs and gives alerts in the event of any temperature breaches.

MedCarrie mainly serves three types of patients who are seriously affected by the pandemic, including 1) residents of COVID-infected homes for the elderly and care centres; 2) COVID-positive patients in community isolation facilities; and 3) elderly individuals who cannot access public hospitals for periodic medication.


MedCarrie has collected medications from over 10 hospitals and clinics and served over 200 patients since its launch on February 28. The service will cease on May 7. 

As a homegrown company specialising in IoT solutions for the healthcare sector, we are delighted to embrace modern technologies and offer help to those in need during this difficult time, and ensure that the right drugs in the right condition are delivered promptly to the right place.

Let’s work together to fight the virus!