Time to say goodbye to COVID restrictions!

2022-12-08 | Blog

Is it time to start putting COVID behind us and focus on rebuilding our economy?

To be blunt, I think it is. But Hong Kong seems to have become stuck in a kind of halfway house in which we are 90% back to normal, but can’t quite take that final last 10% step. This has led to all kinds of bizarre situations, where business people can come to Hong Kong, meet clients and hold meetings face to face in the office and even enjoy a lunch together at their desks, but cannot eat in a restaurant for their first 3 days in town, or have a drink together on the way home. They can go for an early morning jog along the waterfront without a mask, but cannot workout in their hotel gym. And every day, we are hearing of exceptions being made for this group or that conference. It’s time to stop and scrap all COVID restrictions just like almost everywhere else in the world.
I was in Singapore the other day, and I couldn’t help but contrast the energy and vibrancy of the city with our own situation in Hong Kong. Especially as we are normally neck and neck with our sister city and now we’re falling behind them. I believe that people are sufficiently understanding of the disease nowadays to care for themselves. This would allow the Government to focus on those still at risk such as the elderly and especially those with comorbidities. I am not taking this disease lightly and I do understand the Government’s caution. In fact, I think that thanks to our Government’s efforts, Hong Kong has gotten off fairly lightly compared to some places. But there’s a need for us to move on.
At the beginning of COVID, when the variant was very powerful and we had no vaccines and even not enough masks, governments were absolutely right to impose rigorous restrictions to save lives. But now that the variants, a least, for now, are less severe and most people are vaccinated so that even if they do catch the disease, they are usually over it within a week or so, I believe it is time to scrap the restrictions altogether and refocus our energy on rebuilding our economy and getting our city back to its normal vigorous self.
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