Is there any correlation between virtual reality and mental health?

2022-04-06 | Blog

I’ve been working in the technology industry since I was 18, and I have encountered many radical changes not just when the era of Industry 4.0 arrived. Now another new trend is on the rise – NFT and the Metaverse. How are these going to affect the 00 generation? 


I strongly believe that technology can serve mankind to improve our communications and the quality of our lives. But now a virtual world with virtual values has created a new virtual life for our new generations. But will they be able to manage the actual reality that lies between the real and the virtual worlds together? How can their real physical emotions be elicited from these virtual environments? 


It is not uncommon to observe that many among the new generations have noticeable deficiencies in physical social networking skills, partly because they have been obsessed with their virtual assets – unknown faces from chat apps, virtual cash in online games and recently NFT. 


How will individual youths handle virtual reality without hampering their mental health in actual reality? How will they identify, differentiate and evaluate between the real world and the virtual world? 


I would love to hear if any of you have any comments on this topic.